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Jul. 8th, 2012

maple leaf


Friends Only

have your cupcake and eat it too
picture courtesy of dearskies
Not really. But I like this cupcake. 

Jun. 24th, 2011

sherlock holmes - sophisticuffs

[Character Study] The Doctor

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Jun. 19th, 2011

sherlock holmes - sophisticuffs

[Fandom Rant] MPD Psycho

Read at thespectrum.net
TVTropes article

MPD Psycho appealed to me firstly because the main character has MPD. I admit that I, like everyone else in the world, am intrigued by this personality disorder. And, like every other story with MPD in it, this story portrays MPD completely incorrectly. But~ that's okay since the point of the story wasn't to be accurate. This becomes blatantly obvious when things like "personality transfer" comes into play.

It's difficult to pin down one character as the main character. I suppose I would have to say that Nishizono Shinji could probably be said to be the main character. However, in the beginning, you could say that Amamiya Kazuhiko is the main character. Either way, it usually doesn't matter because the two characters usually share one body. They're both "personalities", or - as the latest chapters begin to call them - souls.

Shinji is supposed to be a rather violent character. When we first meet him, he's depicted as a total psychopath that really just loves killing and such. Later on we see that he's actually much more mellow than that. When the personality of Nishizono Shinji is absorbed into Nishizono Tetora, the names of Nishizono Shinji and Nishizono Tetora seem to become interchangable. Tetora, however, is set upon bringing down the company behind the entire plotline.

Somehow, Amamiya Kazuhiko is the most important character. He starts off as this cool detective guy, but later in the series he disappears behind Nishizono Shinji/Tetora. Every character seems to "want" this personality - I'm not sure exactly how this works, but somehow, this particular personality is essential to the plot. Really confusing, I swear.

I'm most frustrated at the fact that it hasn't seemed to have updated in ages. I'm alright with fanfiction not updating, but since this is a professional work, shouldn't people expect for the author to at least bring things to an end?

Jun. 18th, 2011

sherlock holmes - sophisticuffs

[Argument] Reading Books is a "Better" Form of Entertainment Than Watching Television

Reading, I believe, is superior to watching television in many ways. Superior? you might ask. Superior in what sense? That, my friend, is a very good question. In order to explain why I believe reading is superior, I first have to explain what I mean by "superior."

In my own worldview, it is better to be intelligent than not-intelligent. I do believe that most people would agree with me on this, even if others would put less weight on it than I do. Therefore, the majority of whether or not I determine one form of entertainment to be better than another largely derives from the sense of: one; does it promote intelligent thought? and two; does it stimulate the higher brain?

Of course, there are both television programs and books which satisfy both questions. However, I do believe that more books satisfy both questions than not, whereas less television programs satisfy both questions than do.

Yes, this post is an attempt to tear myself away from the screen and start looking at those books I checked out.

Nov. 15th, 2010

ace attorney - jeez

of breakfast

It becomes really sad when these are the things passing through your mind instead of homework and stuff when you're trying to study while eating breakfast. Anyway.

I was drinking tea/coffee when I realized that I pick up my coffee cup with both right and left hands, depending. So perhaps Phoenix and co. simply didn't realize that there was another stain on the other side of the cup. Heh. I mean, sometimes I would pick it up up with my right hand even though I usually pick it up with my left hand.

But the bigger question is: why the heck does it even matter? It's just a video game!!

Nov. 14th, 2010

house - ohnoes

of dundundundun

Doing work is once again like moving through molasses. Constantly procrastinating. Doctor Who has absolutely taken over my mind. I'm absolutely ohsessed.

Nov. 12th, 2010

sherlock holmes - scared

of "renewal"

It really is a pity that all episodes from The Power of the Daleks are lost. It stands as the first episode Patrick Troughton was ever credited as "Dr. Who (sic)," and even from just the audio, it sounds like a blast. To be honest, I'm constantly surprised at the quality of the writing and the brilliance of the ideas from really old shows like Doctor Who (and Star Trek: TOS etc.). Somehow I have this idea that if the show is old, the plots will be cliche'd and boring, but the writers knew what they were doing and pulled out the big guns in the first Two episode: the Daleks.

Beyond the logistics of the plot, Troughton does a great job playing the Doctor. It's funny hearing an echo of Ten here; Two constantly refers to himself as "the Doctor" in third person. The implication is that Two isn't fully comfortable with being himself; he knows that he's the Doctor, but he feels as though he's a different person (which he is). This is only highlighted by Ben and Polly's constant squabbles of "is he the Doctor? or isn't he?" etc.

A note on the two personalities of the Doctor. Something I really enjoyed about Hartnell's portrayal of One is really how young One really seems. He may look like an old man, and sometimes he may sound like an old man, but when you put all his actions into perspective, he really has the attitude of someone much younger, much more enthusiastic and optimistic. This is the Time Lord that sabotaged his own ship so that he could get a closer look at the Daleks. This is the Time Lord who was rash enough to kidnap Barbara and Ian; who tumbled headfirst into new situations without fear; who dressed in interesting fashions; who was irrepressibly curious about absolutely everything. Many of these traits he retains in later regenerations, but there is something incredibly naive (in comparison to his later selves, which also gained a sort of tragedy and bitterness among their auras) and innocent about his travels. The Doctor travels now to meet new people; the Doctor travels then to forget old ones.

Two seems more laidback. Still infinitely clever, but (in a way that is very unlike Ten and Eleven) is more likely to hide it. He's not keen to display his cleverness. I'm not sure about his motives at the moment, however. He's definitely more quirky. Recorders, tongue-twisters, etc. More fun-loving. Somehow, the actors are able to 'age' the Doctor without actually aging him. It's absolutely fascinating!

(Of course, that could just be my own bias talking. I could just want to see the Doctor's personality aging, and therefore I do, etc. Oh well.)

Anyway. My final verdict is that my interest in Two is very piqued. It had seemed to me that Two was the least interesting Doctor, but that may simply be due to the lack of existing episodes. Two is quietly quirky; somehow, he's also more righteous, more (however ironically) mature, and more straightforward while being more roundabout. I can see Troughton's influence on Matt Smith (both have this aura of the older, more mature adult without being absolutely pretentious). I do believe I can spend some time getting to know Two, considering the lack of existing episodes.

Nov. 10th, 2010

bones - coffee

(no subject)

The air is full of dust specks, and coming from a class that talks about environmental pollutants, it's slightly alarming. Who knows what building materials are permeating our lungs. Cancer, cancer, cancer. It seems to me that cancer is nature's way of getting back at humans for not caring.

Not caring certainly is a problem. I suppose we're fortunate that we can't all care about everything. Else we would all explode. I know I'd probably weep myself to death.

If we accept that we can't all care about everything, then it becomes a matter of prioritizing.

Nov. 9th, 2010

sherlock holmes - sophisticuffs

(no subject)

One of the interesting affects of constantly being on the lookout for good friends is the ability to pay more attention to another person. Some might say that it's a result of the forced sociability. Either way, I'm steadily gettin better at remembering details about people. Alcohol always helps, of course.
sherlock holmes - sophisticuffs

(no subject)

Is there adblocker for mobile? There really should be. I'm just so used to not seeing ads that they rather astonish me.

Actually typing on lj on mobile is all sorts of laggy. Trying copy and paste from a program on phone. ,o matter what though I seem to shorten my sentences. Why is that, I wnder?

If I get guod enouza on this keybord then something I want to be able to do is type bhile waling, witrowt hassle.

See, that was typed while walking, and without looking. There're a lot of typos, bot I'm definitely getting much better. "Is this what yu do in youy free time," you ask? Yes, but don't look at me weird like that. Becoming proficient o the keyboard is something I've always strivei for.

Just saw someune come down to the dining hall in a bathrobe.

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